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  • will postmates you soup from work if you are actually sick
  • the one human who tips their Uber driver
  • microinfluencer (11.5k followers)
  • favorite restaurant is The Cheesecake Factory®

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I’ve found that this device understands me maybe 10% of the time. Names of lights and routines are misunderstood nearly all the time as I am asked to clarify what I’m asking.

Steve DeVore
Verified Purchase

I really do like the thing, but I can’t stand DJ’s to begin with and now to have this going on - I’m just not sure. That said, if the talking over intros isn’t a thing for you - 4.5 stars easy. Update: After receiving another I’ve learned to just accept her talking over songs considering what I’ve been able to get Alex(a) to do in the short time I’ve had it. Still not a 5, but getting closer. We have a pet iguana (in cold Ohio) and I plan on having her run his lights, heat and humidifier. Alex(a) is much more reliable than my 16yo daughter when it comes to these things and it allows me to leave the house for extended periods and not worry about the iguana freezing or being burned.

Verified Purchase

It knows my exact address, instead of just my internet provider’s location, but the way it ˮautomaticallyˮ connected to my wifi without password really concerns me - I hope Amazon would see this and provide me with a logical answer.

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