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  • wears a different beanie every day of the week
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constantly making mistaking. Examples: -asked it to play 'old music'. It kept repeating back, “Great, I'll play Soul Music”, then it would start to play soul music. 5-6 times this happened. And, no, it doesn't apparently understand a negative, such as, “do not play Soul Music,” because that statement immediately triggers it to say, “Great, I'll play Soul Music” and then it starts to play soul music again. (Nothing against Soul Music, it's just not what I wanted.) I never did get what I wanted. - I will tell it to play sleep sounds. it will start to play music related to the sleep sound that I asked for. (I never knew there were so many songs related to rain or trains.) After a half dozen or more tries and screaming, “STOP!” repeatedly, I am no longer able to even think about sleeping, even if it does finally get it right! - today I wanted to know what date was Thanksgiving Day. Instead of simply telling me the date, it gave me a long history of how the date came about and never did give me the date. I find myself screaming “stop!” in frustration constantly.

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Yes, this packs a punch. But good lord, is it LOUD. If you’re looking discreet, this is not it.

raine lea
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I like before bed every night. count on prime to work. They are too cheap to send anything overnight, so I am thinking cancel!!

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