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  • thinks that astrology is dumb, but still has co-star notifications on
  • doesn’t care what you think
  • is bi-coastal (LA/NY)

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Let me start by saying I’m a former pure romance consultant, and I’m in awe with this product! I brought it as a surprise for my bf on our trip to Cancun, as well as pleasure for myself while he’s away. Let’s just say even he was amazed. The classy yet discreet casing is a plus, the material is smooth and soft.

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Bought as a gift for my roommate (I know it's unethical but what to do...) it was extremely appreciate and went straight to the point in less than 15 seconds!!!

Gabriel's Dad
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apparently programmed to go off only in the middle of the night. It's like some torture game of hide and seek. Is it some kind of North Korean/Russian plot to destroy the lives of normal mundane US citizens through intermittent sleep deprivation? First the election, now this. One chirp every 3-4 minute. over the past several months I've been replacing one after the other. I've lost enough sleep on random nights over the past several weeks that I'm just going to replace all the rest of the ones in my house and just move on with my life.

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