Katherine, 35

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  • upfront about her dad issues
  • owns every Glossier product
  • leases a Tesla Model 3 (Standard Range)
  • Disney+ stan

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Dustin Taylor
Verified Purchase

With the onslaught of content coming from google, amazon, and other big companies competing; it's hard to choose. Can be renamed, (I named mine Echo) she's small enough to go unnoticed, and she's got a loud volume that you'll need to yell over her to be heard. 5/5 for sound 5/5 for portability 5/5 voice recognition 5/5 smart home device

Verified Purchase

I originally got this for free during the Amazon Black Friday deals. Whenever I go to bed I say “goodnight” and she turns my lights off, sets my alarms and turns on my white noise machine. Getting accessories for her to use is relatively inexpensive too if you know where to look.

Kindle Customer
Verified Purchase

I like this however the pictures were very misleading to me. It looks to me like the top is the same length all the way around based on the pictures, this is not the case. The sides are high slits with the front and back being long. Having said all of that I'm still keeping it. It is soft and very comfortable.

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